Enjoy the benefits and incremental revenue from our exclusive network of companies

We work with local companies in your neighborhoods to drive you incremental sales all week long.

Preserving your food quality, your process and your reputation

Ritual allows people to enjoy your food when it’s hot and ready. Accept orders on your time, allowing you to fulfill higher volume – even during your peak rushes.

Ritual works with the most-loved restaurants and coffee shops in each neighborhood.

Are you on Ritual yet?


"As a local independent coffee shop, we were thrilled to introduce the technology long before the large national chains. We've been in partnership with Ritual for the last year, and have leveraged the technology to offer a unique personalized experience and enhance our brand.  

- Patrick Tu, Owner, Thor Espresso Bar

"Having ritual has increased my store's efficiency and improved operations. The concept is simple and my staff enjoy the experience of interacting with our Ritual customers on a more personal level. Happy customers leads to more sales!"

- Pat Belsito, Owner, Fusaro's Italian Kitchen


"Beyond the cost of building our own app, the main reason we’ve partnered with Ritual is that no one wants 10 different restaurant apps on their phone. With Ritual, all the local favourites are available in one-stop making the customers’ lives simpler. It flows seamlessly with our customers daily habits, from a morning coffee to lunch on a tight timeline, making it perform for both us and the customer. Allowing all of us to benefit from having multiple choices to dine, drink and snack, in one convenient location. As a result, a lot of people use Ritual regularly and we benefit from that."

- Mustafa YusuOwner, Big Smoke Burger